Dog Obedience Training

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We are currently in the process of expanding.  I'd like to introduce our newest employee, Elizabeth.  She is the new scheduler coordinator.  She is very active in the community doing rescue work and has done training with her own dogs.  She has been a great asset so far to Pawsitively Perfect.  While Jennifer will continue to train, Elizabeth is in charge of scheduling.  If you are a new client needing an appointment, please email her at [email protected] or call 618-920-8496 

For any specific questions related to concerns, questions about our program, training, behavioral issues, etc... please call Jennifer at 618-772-9365
or email at [email protected]

Special Announcement: 
Is your dog currently struggling with certain minor behaviors such as: house breaking, chewing, crate training, barking, digging, etc?  Did you just rescue a dog or adopt a puppy and need advice from a trainer?  We are currently offering a special of a phone consultation to ask as many questions as needed for just $25!  No major behaviors will be addressed (anxiety, fear, aggression, etc). 

We are currently running a special on private lessons.  Ask for Details!

Pawsitively Perfect Dog Training

At Pawsitively Perfect Dog Training, we believe that a well trained dog leads to a happy home.  Dog training over the years has taken on various methods and certainly becoming more and more popular.  Woof Woof!!

---Did you know that all because of lack of training----
Less thank 35% of dogs sold will stay with their original owners
A dog is destroyed in the United States approximately every 4 seconds

---Training Promotes---
A stronger bond with the owner
A happier owner!
A happier dog
It builds self confidence in dog
Aids in socialization
Reduces aggression/fear
"It all started with a little girl and her bestfriend, Archie"

After a long day at work, our newest CEO- Dutchess- needed to relax in the pool

At Pawsitively Perfect Dog Training, Our Students Are All Smiles ;)

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